May 5, 2010

Another Day of Rambling!

Alyssa was baptized at Bedico Baptist Church on Sunday, April 18, 2010. I am so proud of her and the young woman she is becoming. She is a typical teen most times, but she quite often surprises me with her maturity!

Alyssa with Dustin Lee(Student Minister)

"I baptize you with water,
but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit."
MAR 1:8

Our Garden is Growing TOO

Those are the good things I have to report I guess.

Work is slow, life is busy and I just go on day by day!

I am a bit depressed lately. Well, I don't know if its actually "depressed", I think its more like "burnt out". I need a vacation sooooo bad. I need a vacation from all the responsibilities I have. It's so overwhelming at times. Most of the time. It seems like everything hits all at once over and over and over and I can't seem to catch a break.

Maison's behavior is just grueling at times and Jada is so whiny and argumentative with everyone at home. I keep telling myself its the ADHD and I am trying to be understanding and supportive of them, but I sometimes wonder. I am constantly trying new techniques to calm them down and I have been making a very conscious effort not to raise my voice to them. I have learned that only makes it all worse, and leaves everyone being upset. But why is Maison so GOOD at school and then gives me total wrath at home? At least Jada is consistent with her terrorizing everyone! Ahhhhhhh, I must crack jokes, to stop from cracking up I guess! I will say though, I have gotten reports from her teacher and/or substitute teachers everyday this week so far and she has had EXCELLENT days all week. Whew! Its so nice to not open that behavior folder and see a bad day!

Alyssa goes for her MRI next Monday, I have an IEP meeting for Ryan on Tuesday, then Alyssa back to the Orthopedic Surgeon the following Monday. Awards Day at school is that week too, Alyssa gets out of school on the 21st and the other kids out of the 26th. Lets not forget the JOB that I am supposed to be at too! LOL Its a never ending merry-go-round. Wonder when I will ever get time to schedule ME a Doctors visit for a check up! I REALLY REALLY need to have a professional tell me that I need to: lose weight, stop smoking, eat better, exercise more, lower my BP and take better care of myself! Oh wait..... why go to the Dr for all of that? I know all that already! Hmmmmm, maybe the dentist! I should definitely have a better visit with a dentist! **Groan**

God brings men into deep waters not to drown them, but to cleanse them. If it feels like you're drowning it might be God reworking your future.

I pray that God gives me a break soon from all this reconstruction he is doing!

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