March 25, 2012

Top 10 Things Keeping Me Busy

No, I haven't posted much lately. It's that normal crazy life I lead. So here are the top things that I have been busy with lately.

1. *Work* - I hate that it is #1 on the list, but truth be told, its what takes up most of my time.
2. *Studying* - Again, work related. But, I have just 2 more continuing educations classes to finish to renew my adjuster license next month so its a necessary evil.
3. *Clothes* - Unfortunately, I don't mean shopping either. Its the never-ending task around our house of washing clothes! I swear my kids are fashion crazy or the clothes multiply once they take them off. Either way, its at least 3 loads a day around our house that have to hit the washer.

4. *Homework* - with 4 kids, age 8-16, there is ALWAYS homework, projects, studying, etc to be done.
5. *Exercise/Diet* - While its #6 on my list, I am trying to keep it as close to the top of the priorities list as possible. I am feelings SO much better now that the pounds are coming off. Nutritious meal planning takes
6. *Color Guard* - Alyssa will be trying out for HS Color Guard this week. We have had a parent meeting and I have been making sure that she getting in some early practice time with the flag.
7. *Reading* - Anyone who knows me knows I love to read. In addition to my eBible on my Kindle, I am reading 2 other books. Both are really good... just depends on my mood as to which I want to read.
8. *Embroidery/Quilting* - Have a couple baby blankets I need to be finishing soon. Hopefully I get them done before the babies get here.
9. *Chickens/Garden* - with 6 more added to our flock we are throwing around some ideas on changing our coop. While the current coop/run is certainly big enough to house 6 more hens, we aren't entirely happy with where our current coop is so we are thinking of making some changes. We are BEHIND on planting our garden!! Yikes! Should have already done some planting but the weather and several other interfering factors have delayed our planting! We have gotten some of our beds moved to new locations, but nothing planted.
10. *Taxes* - UGH! That dreaded time of the year. 1) Having to pay them, but 2) I HATE having to do all the paperwork. Its such pain..... making sure my darling husband has correctly identified what category things go into for purchases, gathering the receipts to make sure it matches. Oops, you bought something with CASH? Grrrr... Oh wait, what was this bought for, only to hear I don't know! Grrrr!! Bless his heart, he really does try to stay on top of all the stuff for the business, but organization is not his strong suit. It took me YEARS to convince him to do stuff electronically to make my life easier. He still does his paper trail, which is fine, but this girl needs digital information.

So there ya have it. I am just a typical crazy busy mom & career woman, who somehow manages to get at least a few hours of sleep a night!


March 9, 2012

Another Week Has Come & Gone

SUCCESS should be my middle name. Again, as stated last week I will not be disclosing the actual amount of success at this time but lets just say: SCORE! I have a number in mind that I will reveal once I get to it, but for now **mums the word**.

I truly thank all my supporters from the bottom of my heart. Your encouraging words mean so much to me. Because you are checking in on me, its keeping me accountable to all of you not just myself. Its helping to me create GOOD habits that will continue.

DIET COKE: I tried to banish it, but have failed miserably! I was doing good for about a week with only one a day. Unsweet tea with my little pink packets (you know the ones) where doing good for me. I was actually starting to drink water too. **Shhhhh, don't tell my body it was water!** Then my boss went on vacation this week, my stress level has increased and WHAM "I NEED MY DIET COKE". So my, ummmmm,  logical approach to this is: It's better that its Diet Coke than snacking on junk food, right? While it is loaded with sodium and things that will give me brain cancer, its not useless calories. So I am back to square 1 with the Diet Coke. I will try again, but just not right now.

CHEAT DAY: Oh yeah... I have decided I have to have one a week. Sorry folks but old "habits" die hard. My body still craves the "junk". lol Saturday is my cheat day. Why? Well its the day I am busy shopping, in town, etc. I will allow myself chocolate this day. I will eat those things I still love that are fried, etc. Last weeks cheat went great (in my opinion). I only went over my daily calorie budget by 400 calories. I PLANNED my cheat day. So yeah, it wasnt a **total bust**!

FOOD: Funny story: My husband (yeah, some of you know him and what he is really like lol) went grocery shopping last week. What would have normally been an hour trip to the grocery turned into a 2 1/2 trip to the grocery! Why? Well we were reading labels! OH-M-GEE!!! Its astounding how many calories I was putting into my body without even realizing it. I mean, really, astounding! Hubby has jumped on board and its nice to have someone in the kitchen with me helping plan healthier meals. My kids are pretty much refusing to give up chicken nuggets, fish sticks and hot dogs, but I am sneaking the good stuff in on them with out them really realizing it. :)

EXERCISE: I am doing a walking/running challenge this month. 100 miles in the month of March. I am on target right now. Doing pretty good. I am SUPPOSED to be reporting my miles to the organizer of this "event" but honestly, its just too much work for me to do that. So, I am just tracking it in my fitness & health journal that sits next to my bed. I have been doing 3.5 miles a day. I have slacked a little this week and only done a mile 2 days in a row, but one day I did 5 miles. The result? Blisters on the pad of my right foot. Not heels, pad! Ouch. They have pretty much healed now, so I will increase back up to at least 3.5 and do the extra to make up the miles I missed.

I got the Nike+ Sensor and am now using that App on my iPhone to track my distance. Its kind of fun actually to use! :)

Maison had poision ivy last week and missed a full week of school. He went back to school this Monday but by Wednesday he was running a fever and totally congested. Yup, missed another two days. He felt better this morning and no fever, so he is back at school today. He is a boy scout and they are going on a camping trip this weekend, so he is very excited about that.

Jada-Grace is doing WONDERFULLY in her new class with her two new teachers! Straight A's and coming home from school happy everyday. She has been enjoying watching over our new baby chicks.

Ryan is doing great with his second season of basketball and is improving every week. I dont think he enjoys it as much as football, but he does enjoy it. Unfortunately, his team hasnt won a game, so that is pretty discouraging to him.

Alyssa has endured so much heartache lately, I just continue to pray for her hard (and ask that you do too). She has lost 3 friends in 3 separate car accidents over the past 6 weeks. It has been an emotionally trying time for all of the kids at her school. Today was the day she had to turn in her major Agriscience project for this school year. Its a year long project and is a huge part of her grade. Her project focused on Poultry Production (the raising her chickens and selling the eggs). In helping her finish up the spreadsheets last night, I couldnt help but be proud of the success we have had with raising our chickens.

Daylight Savings Time this weekend means more time for me to do stuff outside once I get in from the office. Yeah!! I think we are past our last freeze for the year and I am READY to start planting! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

I get to have lunch with my best friend, Selena, tomorrow. She used to work with me, but changed jobs to be closer to home (and less stress). I miss her so much not seeing her everyday. But I am super excited that she is going on the cruise too in December. Our last trip together was to New York in 2006. Wow... time sure has flown by! Its going on 7 years now that we have known each other. There is only one other person in this world that knows as much about me as she does, and that is my sister.

Until next week...... Take Care & God Bless!

March 2, 2012

1 Week Success

Today marks the one week point of my new healthy lifestyle changes. While I WON'T be posting my weight loss (just yet) & measurements yet, I will share that I am making progress. I am doing my very best to eat right and I have increased my physical activity.

I have decided not to share my progress with "everyone" right now, for one simple reason: HATERS!

You know the kind of people I am talking about. The ones that just cant wait to see you slip-up, gain a little, etc. Yes, sadly, I have a couple of those. But THAT IS OK! I am focused. I have a goal. I am feeling GREAT GREAT GREAT right now!

Why have I been putting this off? Oh wait... I know, BECAUSE IT IS WORK! That's right... no quick fix.... I am working it off! I am SO very proud of myself. I am making accomplishments. I am heading in the right direction. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a total "ADD" person and dont stick to things long, changing from one thing to another all the time. Some like to joke about all my projects I have started over the years only to get bored with it and pick up something new. So I plan to combat this "boredom" by changing it up. Walking, Zumba, Elliptical, WiiFit, etc.... Not doing the same thing all the time. I have to admit though, I favor my treadmill the most! I even had the landlord of our office building measure out the parking lot for me so I know how far I am walking when I go out for lunchtime walks! :)

My impending cruise with the girls in Decemeber was the first motivator for me to get moving. Who wants to be fat on a cruise, right? But I have many people in my life that are both motivators and supporters for me. The ones that fall into both categories and are making the biggest impact: My wonderful sister Melissia: She is my biggest cheerleader! I love her to death and I am so glad that she convinced me I needed this and that she is going this journey with me! My cousin Roxanna: She is on the journey with us and we are all supporting each other daily. Jennifer: My friend that could really be my twin (except that she is skinny and I am not, lol) She texts or emails everyday to check on me and encourage me! I have had supportive comments, praise and encouragement from others but these three ladies have gotten me through the first week and I can say that I am coming out on top and ready for week two.

My other motivators? My HATERS! Thats right, it motivates me! It motivates me to prove them wrong! Oh but I am not going to let them see the little successes. No, I am going to let it hit them all at once! No its NOT the best attitude to have, but I am sick and tired of it! I am tired of the way I feel, I am tired of "you" doubting me, I am tired of "your" simple mindness. I am going to LOVE proving to both ME and YOU that I CAN DO THIS! JUST WAIT... ITS COMING!