March 25, 2012

Top 10 Things Keeping Me Busy

No, I haven't posted much lately. It's that normal crazy life I lead. So here are the top things that I have been busy with lately.

1. *Work* - I hate that it is #1 on the list, but truth be told, its what takes up most of my time.
2. *Studying* - Again, work related. But, I have just 2 more continuing educations classes to finish to renew my adjuster license next month so its a necessary evil.
3. *Clothes* - Unfortunately, I don't mean shopping either. Its the never-ending task around our house of washing clothes! I swear my kids are fashion crazy or the clothes multiply once they take them off. Either way, its at least 3 loads a day around our house that have to hit the washer.

4. *Homework* - with 4 kids, age 8-16, there is ALWAYS homework, projects, studying, etc to be done.
5. *Exercise/Diet* - While its #6 on my list, I am trying to keep it as close to the top of the priorities list as possible. I am feelings SO much better now that the pounds are coming off. Nutritious meal planning takes
6. *Color Guard* - Alyssa will be trying out for HS Color Guard this week. We have had a parent meeting and I have been making sure that she getting in some early practice time with the flag.
7. *Reading* - Anyone who knows me knows I love to read. In addition to my eBible on my Kindle, I am reading 2 other books. Both are really good... just depends on my mood as to which I want to read.
8. *Embroidery/Quilting* - Have a couple baby blankets I need to be finishing soon. Hopefully I get them done before the babies get here.
9. *Chickens/Garden* - with 6 more added to our flock we are throwing around some ideas on changing our coop. While the current coop/run is certainly big enough to house 6 more hens, we aren't entirely happy with where our current coop is so we are thinking of making some changes. We are BEHIND on planting our garden!! Yikes! Should have already done some planting but the weather and several other interfering factors have delayed our planting! We have gotten some of our beds moved to new locations, but nothing planted.
10. *Taxes* - UGH! That dreaded time of the year. 1) Having to pay them, but 2) I HATE having to do all the paperwork. Its such pain..... making sure my darling husband has correctly identified what category things go into for purchases, gathering the receipts to make sure it matches. Oops, you bought something with CASH? Grrrr... Oh wait, what was this bought for, only to hear I don't know! Grrrr!! Bless his heart, he really does try to stay on top of all the stuff for the business, but organization is not his strong suit. It took me YEARS to convince him to do stuff electronically to make my life easier. He still does his paper trail, which is fine, but this girl needs digital information.

So there ya have it. I am just a typical crazy busy mom & career woman, who somehow manages to get at least a few hours of sleep a night!


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  1. Work, work, work. Today we just enjoyed a friends new baby goats!


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