August 16, 2010

Where did the time go?

I just recently spent some time with my beautiful Godchild Kristin and she reminded me that I was "slacking" on my blogging! Kristin, who is the QUEEN of blogging IMO, posts something nearly everyday. She is dedicated to her blogging.... I however am not! :) I promise I will try to do a better job Kristin! Is once a week better for you? LOL

So lets update the past two months, shall we?:

JUNE 2010

Me & my long time buddy Jodi Dorsa (Whooten now) reconnected on FB and got to spend time together. She has a daughter, Destini, that is a little older than Alyssa and a son, Karl, that is Maison's age. It has amazed us both how fast our children have become best of friends just like she and I had always been. I am so happy she is back in my life! :))

Maison & Karl

Also, in June.... Alyssa's many 8th Grade Graduation Parties to Attend:
JULY 2010

July brought even more fun to our household!

I decided on the 4th of July, I needed to be a RED HEAD!

My Kids got to enjoy a week of VBS at church with their little brother Rhody.

And the little princess in the family turned 7. We got to celebrate her birthday at Yogi Bear with a great cake, swimming and lots of fun, family & friends thanks to Nanny Missy & Uncle Gene!

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