February 7, 2012

How Random, Right?

Do you ever just have "random" things you like? I do. Could it be that I am ADD? I don't think I have the "H" to be ADHD like my children but ADD is surely a possibilty. I am random in all areas. My thoughts, my interests, my wardrobe.... yeah, everything.

I have so many incompleted "projects" because I get bored so fast. My current list includes (but I dont think this is all of it):
1. 2 quilts
2. 3 counted cross stitch
3. A knit scarf for Maison
4. A knit scaft for me
5. Some sewing projects
6. I am reading 4 different books
7. More "home improvement projects" than I care to think about

Oh well..... I will finish it all one day MAYBE

Oh guess what happened to us recently! We (Alyssa & I) had our first ever T1P (type1parents.org) meet-up. We got to meet some WONDERFUL people from North Carolina. Jennifer & her daughter Brenna. They were visiting family in the Biloxi, MS area so they drove into LA and we met up. The girls instantly bonded... well so did Jen & I. We could all be twins I think, well except for the fact that Jen is like skinny and I am ummm, not-so pleasantly plump. LOL Maybe just twins of the mind! Right?

(Instant Best Friend)

(Two Peas In A Pod)

They are so cute and are already planning how to get Brenna moved down here or at the very least the cost of Alyssa going to North Carolina this summer.



  1. That's awesome:)
    made me smile

  2. Yay!!! I love this story :) Im so glad you all are a part of our family! Love you guys!!!


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