March 27, 2010

Where has a year gone?

Yeap. I am probably one of the worst bloggers ever. It's been over a year. Not much changes in a year of my life though.

I am still married to the man I love. I still have 4 kids and I am still stressed. LOL

Alyssa is now 14 and has finished her last year of being a Jr High cheerleader. In just 5 short months she will be a freshman I high school and in 6 months she will be 15.

Ryan is now 10 ( he will be 11 in September ). He still loves football and has another year under his belt. He even did some quarterback time this season. He is now being evaluated for Special Education to determine what his learning disability actually is. Hopefully we will have it worked out completely before next school year. He is doing pretty well in school this year which has been a blessing.

Maison is 8 and will be 9 in 2 months. His grades in school are outstanding. He still has straight A's. He is having bouts of depression now that we feel is being caused by his ADHD medication. He is also having insomnia and has lost alot of weight. Because of all of the negative side effects we have decided to change his medication even though it was really helping his ADHD. Risks outweighing the benefits.

Jada is 6. Still having ALOT of issues with her ADHD. It is affecting every aspect of her life. School, home, behavior, sleep etc. It's been a constant battle and we are continuously working to get it "right". I pray that we can just get her back to the temprament we had on the medication just after she was diagnosed. She has alot of friends though and is very sweet when she is having a "good day".

My husband Lendall has recently been having medical issues. He has been a heart patient for 7 yrs and has a defibulator. Recently he has been having some chest discomfort and was hospitalized. The cardiologist did an angiogram and found no blockages but we have no answers as to what is causing the chest discomfort. This is a very stressful situation for me.

This past year I got my commercial insurance adjusters license. It was crucial for me to get this for my job (which by the way: I love). It's so nice to go to work and do something you enjoy. I continue to be stressed and ran ragged. All that has been going on with Lendall and the kids is really taking it's toll on me. I am constantly exhausted but I just keep going. I know it will catch up with me in the long run. But in the mean time, I press forward.

We are getting ready for the summer at our house. Lots of home improvement projects going on. Which is great since my favorite store is Lowes. lol We have just finished a chain link fence in our front yard. Our dogs, Flower & Mike Jones Stupid, loves it. Flower has so much more room to run now. The next project is the rescreening of our front porch. That starts tomorrow! :)

Well that's all for now.

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