November 22, 2013

Instilling Vision In Our Sons

He had that look in his eye.
You know the look. That way of silently expressing that this young man has got things to do and places to go. You could tell he felt a calling on his life – a sense of purpose and a hope for the future.
Yes, that young man had a vision.
There was a time when I thought a boy either had it…or simply didn’t. But I don’t believe that anymore. I believe parents can encourage vision in their sons. That it’s not merely a matter of chance, but an internal calling that can be brought out and molded into something solid and real. And I believe it’s never too late to appeal to that small flicker of fire deep inside his soul.
How Do You Instill Vision in Your Son? 
Encourage his unique strengths and gifting. Sometimes a son’s strengths can seem almost odd, even out-of-place when he is young. You worry about him and wonder. But don’t. Maybe he’s bright, overly-social, not-social-enough, a tinkerer, funny, or serious. Whatever he is – God made him that way and He has a plan for that boy of yours.
Don’t impose your dreams on him. This is probably the biggest mistake parents make. They want their sons to fulfill their own dreams. But, please, don’t do this to him. Let him live out his own God-given desires and goals for his life. Even if it looks a bit differently than the picture you would have painted for him.
Be bold and offer some direction. This might seem to contradict what’s above, but it doesn’t. I’ve heard more than one guy confide that he could use a little help – maybe even a little push – to get going in a direction. Often a young man feels the pressure of having to pursue something, but has no idea what that “something” is. So offer guidance as to his best options and then together set out specific steps toward the goal.
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  1. Number two is a tough one, isn't it. We want the best for our kids, and the dreams we have for ourselves just make the most sense to us. Thanks for the reminder to be better mom....!
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique


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